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Patio Installation Completed by Drivescape Paving in Celbridge, Kildare

Another patio installation by Drivescape in Celbridge, Kildare. We renovated the entire garden area, including the old wooden decking. We left just a small grass area and creating one level area for the entire patio area.

New base foundation of crushed stone was laid on the patio area with a membrane sheeting laid on top of it to help prevent weed growth.

New step was built at the back door using charcoal kerb stones and the patio area was bordered using a charcoal block paving brick from Kilsaran. We put in a small drainage gulley to catch the surface water on the patio.

The new patio flagstones, 400 x 400 natural grey classic slab, was laid on a sand base and jointed with kiln dried sand. All of the work completed in under 2 days.

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